It begins. #2024Eclipse

Scammers are at it again. Let’s see - not an Illinois’s area code, not a proper top level domain for a government agency and more.

Scam attempt to obtain information about my account. Assuming I have one.

Encountered this creature at the start of our walk in Forest Park Nature Center today.

Male turkey in profile. Iridescent wings.

Happy Pi Day!

Went for a walk this evening and heard spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer). This is the earliest I have ever heard them in central Illinois.

Happy Leap Day. It is ok to jump to conclusions today.

Eating supper in East central Illinois. Can you guess the city?

I think this is the earliest I have ever seen a blooming dandelion.

Just added a video showcasing some of the insects we encountered in central Illinois in the past couple of years. Many thanks to Jose Luis for taking the photos and creating the video.…

In late August, I visited the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca, MN. The water molecules I “touched” are now reaching the Gulf of Mexico. It takes roughly 90 days. Amazing.

Why do so many journalists/ others continue to use the word “unprecedented” when discussing news items? Clearly there must be synonyms. Yes, there are! How about extraordinary, unheard-of, unique, unparalleled, unusual? Who agrees with me that we should be using synonyms during these exotic times?

Sure looks legit. Or not. HA! So many things wrong. India in from. Brazil in URL. Duh!

One more done with Adobe Firefly. This is text I entered - “rainbow over snow capped mountains with eagles flying in the distance, autumn color forest foliage in foreground.” Photo is the result.

And, here is a butterfly themed text effect done with Adobe Firefly.

Experimenting with Adobe Firefly this afternoon. I like the text effects one can generate quickly. Yes, this is ant themed.

Happy Pi Day everyone. Found out yesterday, there is also a Mole Day on October 23 celebrating Avogadro’s Number. Runs from 6:02 am to 6:02 pm. Who else knew this?

It appears the [individual humpback whale I photographed in SE Alaska waters(;enc=335720)] in September, 2022 may be a new individual to science.

Just completed documenting my adventures in SE Alaska. The link points to day 1. Hope readers enjoy all these insights.

SANS OUCH security newsletter is now available for November, 2022. The focus is on browsers (and the security implications). Disclosure, I am one of those who reviews the newsletter before it is made public.

October SANS OUCH newsletter is now available. Emotional triggers - how cyber attackers trick you. Good information. Disclosure - I am one of the reviewers who offer improvements before this is published.

September SANS OUCH newseltter is now available. The focus this month is on backups. Disclosure, I review this newsletter each month before it is published and suggest potential changes/ improvements.

Happy birthday grandson. You are growing up so fast. I hope today is fantastic for you.

Noted these spider webs on my morning walk. Impressive!

Jurassic insect wore eggs on its legs. Researchers analyzed roughly 160 fossils of Karataviella popovi. Roughly 163.5 million years old.