Just completed documenting my adventures in SE Alaska. The link points to day 1. Hope readers enjoy all these insights.

SANS OUCH security newsletter is now available for November, 2022. The focus is on browsers (and the security implications). Disclosure, I am one of those who reviews the newsletter before it is made public.

October SANS OUCH newsletter is now available. Emotional triggers - how cyber attackers trick you. Good information. Disclosure - I am one of the reviewers who offer improvements before this is published.

September SANS OUCH newseltter is now available. The focus this month is on backups. Disclosure, I review this newsletter each month before it is published and suggest potential changes/ improvements.

Happy birthday grandson. You are growing up so fast. I hope today is fantastic for you.

Noted these spider webs on my morning walk. Impressive!

Jurassic insect wore eggs on its legs. Researchers analyzed roughly 160 fossils of Karataviella popovi. Roughly 163.5 million years old.

Very sad to learn of the recent death of my friend and colleague - Dr. M. W. Foster. He was an amazing mentor.

500 million year old fossilized brains of radiodonts from the Burgess Shale shed new light on the evolution of insect and spider brains. Thanks to @angharadcrewe for making me aware of this article.

This is probably a first for this food. Just fed some pink glow designer pineapple to my hissing cockroaches. They are ignoring it. Ha!

A friend (@angharadcrewe) recommended this article about ants. Analysis seems incomplete. Curious what others think.

Learned a bit about Illinois owls yesterday. Apparently some can hear the heartbeat of a mouse under a foot of snow from roughly a football field away.

Just learned about Australian McGraths Flat Miocene fossil assemblage. Many thanks to Ruth for making me aware.

Interesting discovery. An ant species help heal a tree. This relationship accidentally discovered in Costa Rica.

January OUCH newsletter focuses on how to spot and stop messaging attacks. Your thoughts on this topic?

Disclosure - I am a reviewer of this newsletter and suggest improvements before it is published.

Wondering how common this exploit might actually be? Don’t copy and paste commands from a web page. Has anyone encountered this?

Sad to learn of the death of Edward O. Wilson. He was one of those rare individuals who made such a massive impact on the lives of so many. Including me. He will be missed.

Fossil millipede the size of a car discovered in the UK. Likely the largest land animal at the time. Also found in an area not known for fossils.

December SANS OUCH newsletter now available - Top cypersecurity tips for vacations Yes, I am one of the reviewers for this newsletter.

Ancient life discovered inside a ruby. Estimated to be 2.5 billion years old.. Many thanks to Ruth for making me aware of this article.

Thinking about implications of this hack (assuming this is true and the magnitude described). Company that routes billions of text messages quietly says it was hacked

Happy birthday grandson! I am very proud of you and all you are accomplishing. Have a wonderful day.

Learned a new word today - kleptopharmacophagy. Vampire butterflies attack caterpillars of their own species. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

I found this article most interesting. Holodeck anyone?