Ancient life discovered inside a ruby. Estimated to be 2.5 billion years old.. Many thanks to Ruth for making me aware of this article.

Thinking about implications of this hack (assuming this is true and the magnitude described). Company that routes billions of text messages quietly says it was hacked

Happy birthday grandson! I am very proud of you and all you are accomplishing. Have a wonderful day.

Learned a new word today - kleptopharmacophagy. Vampire butterflies attack caterpillars of their own species. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

I found this article most interesting. Holodeck anyone?

Fun fact for those in the US celebrating Labor Day today. There is a species of ant called the Labor Day ant.

Glad to see WordCamp US is scheduled for October 1, 2021. One day virtual event. And… it is free.

Happy birthday grandson! I am so proud of you.

Congratulations grandson on earning your deputy black belt. That is quite an accomplishment. Well done!

Excited and honored to be an instructor again this year at Sun Foundation’s Art and Science in the Woods. My focus is on central Illinois insects.

Why are plants green? This new model of photosynthesis might apply throughout the universe. Spoiler alert - reliable output is what is desired.

July SANS OUCH newsletter is now available. Topic is securing your mobile devices. Disclosure, I review this content and offer suggested improvements before it becomes public.

Latest SANS OUCH newsletter is now available. The focus is on securely using mobile apps. Disclosure - I am one of the individuals who reviews the content before it is made public.

Happy birthday grandson! You are growing up so fast. It is hard to fathom you are a teenager. I am so proud of you.

For those in areas where cicadas (Brook X) willbe emerging soon, here is a nice article. What to know about cooking cicadas.

Just learned that humans eat insects by choice in 113 countries. Over 2,000 different species consumed.

As a member of the American Entomological Society, I am able to participate in their Zoom webinars. Today’s topic is edible insects. Who wants recipes? 😜

Spent the morning making glass paperweights. Molten glass was 400 degrees hotter than lava.

Looking for a free fun family activity this spring and summer? Investigate our Science Treasure Hunt. It begins today (April 17, 2021 and ends September 5, 2021. Please share with your family and friends. Children grades K - 8 are eligible to participate. Many thanks to @derek_rucker and Tate Bosler (T6 Software LLC) for their efforts in developing this site.

The last meal of a Cretaceous pollinator. Yes, beetles are an important group of pollinators.

April SANS OUCH newsletter is now available. The focus is on privacy and protecting your digital footprint. . Disclosure - I review these newsletters and suggest improvements before that are made public.

We hid roughly 80 eggs in the backyard for grandsons to find. Most are in this photo. How many do you see?